Different Types of Sensors With Applications

Different Types of Sensors

We are covered by various sensors in our daily life. You don’t need to believe me for this statement. Just look around your place and you will find different type of sensor. For example your Television and remote which has IR sensor to operate, passive inferred sensor to open and close automatic door, LDR sensor used for outdoor lighting system even your Smartphone compact with different type of sensor. In this post we will learn “Different Types of Sensors With Applications.”


Before we go further at first learn about “What is Sensor?”

What is Sensor:

It is a special type of device that can detects the changes in electrical or physical or other quantities (Heat, Light, Pressure, etc) and after detecting it produces an output as an acknowledgement of change in the quantity is called as a Sensor. Normally sensor output transfer in the form of electrical or optical signal to the receiver for acknowledgement.

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Different Types of Sensors:

  1. Proximity Sensors
  2. Touch Sensors
  3. Pressure Sensors
  4. Temperature Sensors
  5. Magnetic Sensors
  6. Distance Sensors
  7. Humidity Sensors
  8. Motion Sensors
  9. Phototransistor
  10. Photodiode
Different Types of Sensors
Different Types of Sensors

Now we will learn some application of sensors form this list,

Touch Sensors: This sensor is use to detect and identify any object if it is touch by sensor. For manufacturing any sensitive product it can be use.

Pressure Sensors: If you press any pressure on this sensor then it will generate some signal and transfer it to the receiver. Digital Weight Measuring Scale and Air Pressure Monitoring Device use this type of sensor.

Temperature Sensors: This type of sensor generate high voltage output signal if temperature is high and low voltage signal if temperature is low. This type of sensor is use to control the temperature for a specific place or any object.

Magnetic Sensors: This sensor reacts with magnate. If any magnetic object comes in front of the sensor head then it will send and output signal to the receiver. This type of sensor is use in automatic door locking system and also use to measure the rpm for any rotating object.

Distance or Sonar Sensors: This type of sensor is use to measure the distance between sensor points to specific object. It is most popular in robotic where it can detect any obstacle in front of robots.

Humidity Sensors: This sensor detects and measured the humidity level in open air or inside any room. This type of sensor is used in humidity plant in Spinning Mills.

Motion Sensors: If there is any movement in front of this sensor then it will send a signal to the receiver. This type of sensor is used in security system like CCTV camera.

LDR Sensors: Light Dependable Resistor (LDR) sensor depends on light. This sensor output signal value can be different due to brightness of light. For this reason this sensor does not has any fixed value to measure light. But it has a minimum and a maximum value output value. Photoresistor is the popular name of this sensor.

After all of this sensor you will find many special type of sensor for specific job. So use of those sensors can be different than regular types of sensors.

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