Should I Install a Lightning Rod?

Lightning Rod

You may have seen many skykeeper building, industry, power station, electrical substation installed lightning rod to protect all electrical system from lightning. Lightning rod just received lightning stock from cloud then it safely transfers million of voltage to…

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Why Electricity Need a Ground System?

Electrical Ground System

No matter what, a proper grounding system is essential for electrical safety in your home and industry. But, why electricity need a ground system? In this post we will learn all about it. At First, What Does a…

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10 Step to Install Smart Lighting System at Home

Smart Lighting System

You built your house with good foundation and smart looking. But without proper lighting it will not be perfect. For example, you want to use low light bulb at your garden and you don’t want to keep all…

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My Smart Home Can Really Save My Money?

Smart Home Can Save Money

Smart Home is a tending topic for house owner and lots of companies already launch their product to market. All Smart Home technology is compatible with home automation devices such as Siri, Alexa, iOS home and more. All…

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How to Use a Multimeter at Home to Test an Outlet

Fluke 115 Multimeter

Most of the people don’t have any type of multi-meter at home to check or diagnosing electrical problems. But if you have one of it then how can you test it in real life. In this post we…

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Electrical Busbar Classification, Management With Calculation

Busbar in Panel Board

We use a network of cable with different voltage rating to transfer electricity through the circuit. Copper and Aluminum are the most popular cable conductor. Same like Electrical Busbar is a modern way to transfer electricity by using…

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Question About Power Inverter

Power Inverter

Inverter is a common electronic device. If you have solar panel and using as another source of power then you know it very well. But till now there are some other type of inverter is available that use…

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Question About Earthing and Neutral


You may have some misconception about the Electrical Earthing and Neutral System. In this post we will try to provide you a better idea about it with some common question that frequently asks. We are going to discuss…

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Different Types of Sensors With Applications

Different Types of Sensors

We are covered by various sensors in our daily life. You don’t need to believe me for this statement. Just look around your place and you will find different type of sensor. For example your Television and remote…

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Electrical Isolator

Electrical Isolator

Switching low and high voltage power we use many electrical switching devices like A.B.S. But the main principle for those equipments is same to isolate any electrical components from the system. We called this type of switch is…

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