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Parameters and Test Methods for Cable

Electric Cable

There are a large number of cable and material properties that are controlled by the manufacturer in order to ensure fitness for purpose and reliable long-term service performance. However, it is the operating parameters of the finished installed…

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Wiring Cables

Wiring Cable

The standard cable used in domestic and commercial wiring in the UK since the 1960s is a flat PVC twin-and-earth type, alternatively known as 6242Y cable. This comprises a flat formation of PVC-insulated live and neutral cores separated…

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Industrial Cables

Industrial Cables

‘Industrial cables’ are defined as those power circuit cables which are installed on the customer side of the electricity supply point, but which do not fall into the category of ‘wiring cables’. Generally, these cables are rated 0.6/1…

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Low Voltage (LV) Polymeric Cables

Protective Multiple Earthed (PME) systems which use Combined Neutral and Earth (CNE) cables have become the preferred choice in the UK public supply network, both for new installations and for extensions to existing circuits. This is primarily because…

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MV Paper-Insulated and Polymeric Cables

MV Paper-Insulated Cables: Until the late 1970s, the large quantities of paper-insulated lead covered (PILC) cables used in the UK electricity supply industry for MV distribution circuits were manufactured according to BS 6480. These cables also incorporated steel…

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Low Smoke and Fume (LSF) and Fire Performance Cables

Fire Performance Cables

A number of fire disasters happened in the 1980s and after that, there had been a strong demand for cables which behave more safely in a fire. Cables have been developed to provide the following key areas of…

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Design and Construction of Polymeric Cables

Polymeric Cables

PVC and PE cables were used for LV circuits in the 1950s and they started to gain wider acceptance in the 1960s. Because they were cleaner, lighter, smaller and easier to install than paper-insulated type cables. During the…

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Paper-Insulated Cables With Its Construction

Paper-Insulated Cable

Until the mid-1960s, paper-insulated cables were used all over the world for MV power circuits. At that time there were very few alternatives apart from the occasional trial installation or special application using PE or PVC insulation cable….

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