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Site Acquisition, Construction and Commissioning Process For New Substation


Site Acquisition: At this stage, a footprint of the station has been developed, including the layout of the major equipment. A decision on the final location of the facility can now be made, and various options can be…

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New Substation Budgeting, Financing And Designing

New Electrical Substation

An active planning process is necessary to develop the business case for creating a substation or making major modifications. Planners, operating and maintenance personnel, asset managers, and design engineers are among the various employees typically involved in considering…

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Types of Electrical Substation

Electrical Substation

The construction of new substations and the expansion of existing facilities are commonplace projects in electric utilities. However, due to the complexity, very few utility employees are familiar with the complete process that allows these projects to be…

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Electrical Power Distribution with AUTOCAD, DIALux & Etap

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