MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generators Brief Installation Guidelines

Recently we received 2 units MWM TCG2020V16K (1500KW) GAS Generators. We also got some guideline from MWM. This article will cover all guideline which is required at first place.

MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator.
MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator.


Installation of 02(Two) units of MWM TCG2020V16K gas generators is required to follow the guidelines recommended by MWM. This will ensure the smooth operation of the generator. The guideline points are as follows.

Generator Room Layout.
Generator Room Layout.

1.     Generator Room:

The generator room should be enclosed and dust free.

Please ensure that the generator foundation is complying with MWM generator foundation loading data. As per MWM the floor level should be ±2 mm. We are attaching the power plant layout along with foundation loading data.

MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator Foundation Loading Data.
MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator Foundation Loading Data.

2.     Control Room:

Control room should have sufficient air cooling system so that the room can maintain the temperature below 25 ⁰C.

3.     Proper ventilation system with filtration system:

The generator room should have proper ventilation with filtration system and positive pressure around 3-4 mm water column.

It is recommended to have at least 72,000 m3/h inlet and 47,000 m3/h outlet flow capacity ventilation for each of the MWM TCG2020V16K generator. Air flow direction needs to be from alternator side to engine side and ventilation ducting is required to through the inlet air in the proper position.

As per MWM the generator room temperature should be between 25⁰C – 35⁰C to keep the operation smooth.

MWM recommendation is to use G3 class filters in the ventilation system to keep the room dust free.

MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator Ventilation With Filtration System.
MWM TCG2020V16K GAS Generator Ventilation With Filtration System.

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4.     Raw water circuit:

The cooling tower should be installed at the rooftop of the generator room should having sufficient space for suction airPlease find the attached cooling tower foundation drawing which is easy to install and will reduce foundation cost as well.

5.     Gas System:

MWM supplied gas regulator range is min 0.2 bar to max 4 bars. The flow requirement for each of the TCG2020V16K generator is approximately 391 m3/h (with 5% tolerance).

6.      Installation of Electrical and Mechanical items needs to be as per MWM guideline.

Note: Your Plan, Designe and Drawing can different according to your location, purpose and requrements.

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